Friday, November 19, 2010

Thank you, Energy & Sustainability Task Force!

E&S Task Force Members,

Thank you for serving on the City’s Energy & Sustainability Task Force. Since 2007, we have been able to develop a baseline inventory and accomplish much to improve the way we do business as a City and to reduce the amount of energy we require to operate.

Some highlights your efforts have contributed to:

• Through the Solar America Cities grant, we have grown solar capacity from just under 15 kilowatts to well over 1 megawatt;
• Through Ameresco’s guaranteed energy service performance contract, we are reducing the energy use of 99 City facilities with guaranteed payback over the next 13 years;
• Through partnerships, we have become a vital part of the highly visible electric vehicle rollout with Knox County, Oak Ridge, TVA, KUB, and ECOtality;
• Through over a decade of persistence and the influence of the Task Force goals, we have opened our new energy efficient transit center, which will be certified LEED silver;
• Through the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant, we are weatherizing private homes and city fire stations, educating builders, developing a third party finance model for renewable energy, beginning a curb-side recycling service, employing staff, and launching an appliance and solar incentive program; and
• Through the six Task Force working groups of 2010, we have the components of the City’s first Energy & Sustainability Plan.

Thanks to your planning efforts during Phase I and II of the working groups, we are moving into the implementation phase. Though there will be no more Task Force Meetings, City staff will develop the work plan from your recommendations and send a draft for your review and comment in early 2011. They will use the plan as a guide to implementation by priority.

Knoxville is thriving thanks to people like you who care enough to give time and effort to making a difference. Thank you for your commitment to making this City a better place to live.

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