Thursday, January 26, 2012

2012 Update


Happy 2012! During the elections of late 2011, we focused attention on the last items in our federal grants, on building a Southeastern City Sustainability Network, and on Work Plan items not requiring funds. Just wanted to give you a brief hello and some updates:

- Our Appliance and Solar Rebate Program still has over $100,000 left. If you live in City limits and haven't considered applying, please do as we need to spend this grant by July;
- We are 70% complete with our DOE funded activities, with only the rebate program and solar installation remaining;
- The design phase for the 90 kW third party financed system is wrapping up and goes on the Convention Center roof this spring;
- The City's Energy Performance Contract is 100% complete with construction as of this month, and is moving into the measurement and verification stage;
- The electric vehicle contracts (10 solar powered stations with ORNL and up to 38 non-solar charging stations with ECOtality) have both been executed and are awaiting notice to proceed from each entity;
- Zipcar was deemed most qualified in the bidding process for the car share program, and that contract is being negotiated currently by TPO, UTK, and the City;
- The single stream curbside recycling program hit the initial goal of 20,000 participants, and over 2,200 tons were recycled in the first 3 months of that program;
- With the State of TN, the TN Solar Institute, Memphis, and Nashville, we applied for and received the DOE SunShot Grant, which builds on efforts from the Solar America Cities grant of 2009;
- We applied for the 2012 Siemens Sustainable Community award, and are applying for a 2012 Urban Sustainability Directors Network Innovation Grant to explore funding mechanisms with partner cities;
- We have partnered with UTK on a 2012 NSF grant application to develop solar fiber technology; and
- We plan to apply for the new TDEC grants, which are due March 30th and open to all sectors for energy related projects up to $250,000.

Also of note:

- PlanET's next meeting is Feb. 2nd at 10 AM at the East TN History Center
- LightWave Solar is hiring for a consulting position in middle TN

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