Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Be Part of the Action

PlanET needs your help again!

From May 28 through June 28, community members will be asked to evaluate a set of goals and objectives that will serve as the framework for the development of an action strategy, which will serve as a guide for communities—and the region as a whole—as we seek to reach or vision for 2040.

Over the last 18 months, PlanET has asked residents to share their visions for East Tennessee. The strength of the volunteer spirit is evident in the number of people who have answered that call; nearly 6,000 people have helped shape a vision for the future of the region.

Four central themes emerged at the heart of this vision:

 Build strong towns
 Grow quality places
 Improve health of people and places
 Expand choices for all

Over the next month, PlanET is asking for community members to contribute their thoughts on the best approaches to help the region turn this vision into reality.

What is the best way to grow more local food and support agriculture in the region? What are the best ways to expand transportation and housing options for all of our community members? How does the region grow dynamic, walkable destinations in suburban centers? Round four participants will be asked to answer these questions and more.

To encourage as much participation as possible, PlanET will again offer two ways to provide input. Individuals may visit the PlanET website and work through the materials online anytime they want, anywhere they want. Neighborhood associations, civic organization, or other groups can hold a Meeting in a Box at a time and location of their choice and with or without a PlanET facilitator.

Details of each method are available on the PlanET website.

To schedule a Meeting in a Box or for questions about how to use the online community input tool, contact the outreach coordinator:

Sherith Colverson
(865) 215-4396

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